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Vermin, Inert's debut album revealed

Updated: Mar 24, 2019

"VERMIN", our debut album is finally a reality!

VERMIN is a concept album on mankind and its self-destructive trait, and it will be released by Neckbreaker Records. More info on the release date soon.

Tracklist: 1 - Vermin 2 - Bassals de Sang 3 - Murderer in Me 4 - Kingdom of Sulphur 5 - Values' Decay 6 - Rotten Corpse Feast 7 - La Malura 8 - Vermin (New Breed) 9 - Horse's Mane (Animic cover, bonus track)

The gorgeous artwork has been painted by Enric Sant.

Produced and mixed by Xavier Aguilar at The SpareRoom Sound Studio.

Mastered at AUDIOSIEGE.

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